iPhone 4 vs htc Evo4G

Posted on June 28, 2010


This is funny but it indeed shows the mentality of some guys who are obviously “brain washed” and “blinded” by Steve Jobs


Seller: “Welcome to Phone Mart! How may I help you?”

Buyer: “Iphone 4! Where is the iphone 4? I need an iphone 4.”

Seller: “Oh…I’m very sorry. But, we are currently sold out!.

However, we did finally get some more HTC Evos in.”

Buyer: “What…….what is that…..Is it an iPhone?”

Seller: “No, it is that 4G phone on sprint.”

Buyer: “If it is not an iphone, what would I want it?”

Seller: “Well, it is similar to an iphone. But, it has a bigger screen.”

Buyer: “I don’t care.”

Seller: “The internet speed is around three times faster.”

Buyer: “I don’t care.”

Seller: “It has a high resolution camera on both the front and the back.”

Buyer: “I don’t care.”

Seller: “And it doesn’t require you to be on wifi to use video chat.”

Buyer: “I don’t care.”

Seller: “It’s battery is replaceable as is the memory card.”

Buyer: “I don’t care.”

Seller: “It is highly customizable, everything from the widgets to

the icons, the fonts — and even has video wallpaper.”

Buyer: “I don’t care.”

Seller: “The monthly bill is cheaper.”

Buyer: “I don’t care.”

Seller: “It f**king prints money.”

Buyer: “I don’t care.”

Seller: “It can grant up to three wishes, even if one of those

wishes is for an iPhone.”

Buyer: “I don’t care.”

Seller: “it has an app that builds you an island and then f**king

transforms into a jet and flies you there.”

Buyer: “I don’t care.”

Seller: “And, it is Mother f**king indestructable.”

Buyer: I don’t care about any of that.”

Seller: “Ok, fine. then, what the hell entices you about
the iphone 4, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Buyer: “It isn’t an iphone.”

Seller: “You do realize that doesn’t mean anything. it’s a brand.

They could put out a f***ing brick and call it an iPhone if they wanted to.”

Buyer: “Yes, but, it’s the best phone.”

Seller: “Can you explain how?”

Buyer: “I could download apps to it.”

Seller: “Big f**king deal. My 8yr old niece’s sh*tty boost mobile phone has apps on it.”

Buyer: “Its 3G…….and has the WiFis.”

seller: “What the ****? Do you even know what that means?”

Buyer: “Um…it can….I….it um…”

Seller: “Listen! I’m out of the god damn iphone anyway. I guess if
you find using AT&T shadiest network and don’t mind paying out
the extra, the plan and the phone and also don’t mind having a brand new
phone that’s already behind the curve then I can put you on our reservation list.”

Buyer: “No! I’ll just try it somewhere else. I have to have it today.”

Seller: “Are you serious? Not only are you so batsh*t stupid that
you still want this device you are also so retarded that you think
you can just f**king waltz into any store and purchase one on
launch day without a pre-order.”

Buyer: “Yes!”

Seller: “I think….I think I need to go chop off my own d**k now.
Yes….I think I will. I dont need my children growing up in a
world populated by dipsh**s like you.”

Buyer: “I need an iphone 4.”

Seller: “Holy f**k. If you dont leave, Im going to ****ing go find
one for you and shove it so far up your ass.”

Buyer: “I want the one with the bigger gbs.”

Seller: “Oh god…I think I just had an aneurysm. I….I’m dying.
Are you happy? Your f****ng stupidity has killed me. Now my
goddamn cat is homeless. I’m no longer alive. I’m dead.”

Buyer: “I need the white one. Hello, I need one now please. Can
you waive the activation fee. Does it come with the case. I also
need you to hook up my bluetooth to it. hello! hello! f*** it!
I’ll go somewhere else. My sister said wal-greens has them.”