iPAD : Adobe Flash 10.1 now enabled 

Posted on July 4, 2010


Demo of various games requiring Flash on the iPAD. The video looks good and it’d be great when released after the bugs are sorted.
This was enabled through a mobile plugin called Frash by Jailbreak developer Comex.


How to do it ?

It’s very easy and simple to install Flash on your iPad. However the Flash is not yet perfect as of this time, and there might still be  some instability .

The application is called Frash and it runs Flash in your iPad. It is still at an early development stage and doesn’t support video playbacks yet. For now, you can just run games and animations . Video support could be later available.

First, you need to download some files , just use search engines to find files and use the keywords provided for fast searching;

a) WinSCP for Windows user (keyword: WinSCP)

b) Netatalk for Mac user (keyword: Netatalk)

c) Frash.deb (keyword: Frash.deb)

d) Sprint (keyword: spiritjb)

Second step:

a) For Mac users, install Netatalk, this will automatically pop up your iPad in the Finder’s Sharing List

b) For Windows users, install and run OpenSSH on your iPad using WinSCP. Enter “root” as login name and “alpine”  ( or some other  if you have change it ) as the password.

Third, once you’re in the iPad system files browse to var/root/Media

  • Open Media and create a folder and name it “Cydia”

  • Open the new folder “Cydia” , then create another folder and name it”Autoinstall”

  • Then upload the file Frash.deb into this “Autoinstall” folder

  • At this point, restart your iPad a couple of times

  • That’s it, you’re now set. Try to navigate a webpage in Safari with non-video flash content and just hit the Flashlogo to play it.