NEW IMPROVED Youtube mobile site

Posted on July 8, 2010


Jul : Google has updated significantly its mobile site with a compliant HTML5 browser. This new site is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones only.  Windows Mobile browser such as Internet Explorer and Opera will not benefit from this upgrade.

The refreshed site now offers faster performance and an improved touch-friendly user interface.

Many of the popular elements of the full YouTube website are now available on the mobile site, including search suggestions, support for like/dislike buttons, and the ability to create playlists.

Native built-in youtube apps will lose out to this mobile site :

– any new features of YouTube in its website will be integrated faster in the Web app. The mobile site will see improvements more frequently than the native applications which are not updated as frequently.

– native apps as in the iPhone uses video streams meant for Edge/3G connection speeds, which produces quite blurry and choppy videos

– The Web app makes it easier to comment and rate videos as well

– Clips will play within the browser, and fill the screen when the phone is oriented horizontally.

– The new YouTube mobile site  leverages higher-quality HTML5 videos, which won’t open in the dedicated YouTube app anymore. So instead of using the app, Google wants you to use the mobile site. It even allows you to bookmark the page on your home screen by tapping the plus sign at the bottom in Safari and tap “Add to Home Screen”

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