The NutGraph tweets on Merdeka Center survey poll results

Posted on July 9, 2010


Since noon today, the tweets from the Nutgraph was interesting, summarizing some polling results based from Merdeka Center

I post below the tweets I received and my comments :

On national integrity: 69% feel corruption problem can resolve, 26% feel its too serious & cannot resolve
With present government – forget about it ! Only ikan bills will be caught , all the big ikan jerung will escape judgement even if charged due to technical issues and insufficient evidence

Another ? only to Malays: 70% say main threat to Malay position is corruption among leaders, only 22% blame demands of other races
YES – hitting it right on the head

Question only to non-Malays/Muslms: 46% feel 1Malaysia concept is a political agenda to win non-Malay votes, 39% trust its sincerity
YES – Sandiwara only. Najib is probably sincere about this but not his UMNO goons

Question asked only to Malay/bumi respondents: 59% want Malay privileges to continue: MerdekCentre survey
Not suprising since majority of Malays are still in the lower and middle income group

On trusting govt, 53% don’t think govt spends public$$ wisely. 45% feel govt progrms benefit the rich & well connected
This is stale news !

But overall 66% surveyed feel powerless in bringing change to country: MerdekaCentre
Solution : Vote in another government. The new government can only be better not worse – the pressure is on them to prove it. The present government for the last 50+ years had taken us the rakyat for granted. DARE to CHANGE

On political values, top 3 things those surveyed want: more democratic country, world class education, reduce income gap
I’d add in reduction if not elimination of corruption in the civil service and genuine display of government tenders

72% of youths aged 19-24 NOT interested in politics: MerdekaCentre survey
Not suprising ; the youths today are busy socializing on Facebook and Tweeeting.  Those who are fresh to the job market are busy pursuing materialism needs

The top two issues that divide people 1)Political bickering 2)Lack of understdng btwn races: MerdekaCentre
Yes !!

New MerdekaCentre survey: People split on direction of national unity 48% feel we’re more united, 43% say more divided
Agreed ! It is 50/50