Android apps catching up fast with Apple

Posted on July 11, 2010


6 Jul: Apple’s lead in the world of mobile apps is under attack from Google. Vision Mobile, an analysis and advisory firm, survey 401 mobile app developers, and found that developers have more Android experience than Apple iOS. Other than Apple and Android, the rest of the mobile platforms are being left far behind.  Developers are wholeheartedly embracing the Android platform. This is because the Android platform is rapidly building a global user base that rivals Apple’s in size.  Eventually, the Android user base will be a lot bigger than Apple’s.

But I’d say Google would need to exercise some controls on the quality of the apps , similar to what Apple is doing now. Figures of the Android apps could be misleading as some are really junk. I’d say apps are just being loaded onto the MarketPlace as long as it works. One would need to download several relevant apps and assess personally the quality and judge which ones are most suitable. But one can take comfort that the Android platform is indeed growing very fast at a unbelievable rate and pose a viable threat to Apple. It is still a great achievement , hitting close to 100,000 apps within a year.

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