Blackberry 6 : Sneak peek

Posted on July 13, 2010


RIM has just released another “sneak peek” video for its yet-to-be-released BlackBerry 6. Blackberry CEO Balsillie said consumers will be ” blow away” by the new O/S.

After watching the video, I’d agree that the new interface is indeed very fluid. Comparing with the last Blackberry Bold which I’ve used , the new O/S is a complete change. The most important update is the inclusion of a Webkit browser which is the same technology being used by Apple’s iPhone and the Android smartphones. The  multitouch within the browser and picture viewer is impressive. The whole interface is now more beautiful with nicer icons and visuals, graphics, animations and transitions. I like the new social networking features that will combine status updates from Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also be able to chat with your friends via a slew of different messaging services like Google Talk, BlackBerry Messenger and AIM within one seamless application. The video shown is based on a touchscreen device such as the current Storm models. I’d be more interested to see it on a keyboard device. Anyway, the virtual keyboard looks good and took up about half of the screen space.

RIM will have a tough task to compete with the iPhone and the various Android smartphones. As a email device, it is excellent and none of the other smartphones can match it. However consumers are looking for more PDA features in their smartphones and apps availability is crucial. RIM has a long way to go as their app store has only about 7000 apps against Apple 200,000 and Android 100,000. Corporate users might ignore this weakness and will still upgrade to it for its executives as this new O/S is indeed impressive. We should be seeing a slew of new hardware in the next few months supporting this new O/S.

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