htc HD2 on Android v2.1 is close to completion

Posted on July 15, 2010


Report from Brandon Miniman  of : In this video, you can see that the latest build works almost entirely: cellular data and WiFi is working, the navigation is  very smooth, the live wallpaper is working well,  and it even makes calls (though the speaker doesn’t yet work).  If you’ve got an HD2, this is super easy to try and you can always go back to Windows Mobile by soft-resetting. Just copy the file onto your storage card, and run Haret.exe. The whole process to bootup to Android takes only about 2-3 minutes.

Seeing this reminds me of the Android HTC Evo, a CDMA Android phone which is not available in Malaysia. Make sure your radio version is 2.08 before you try. The rar file is only 72.7 MB and I took 2 mins to download it. I am still keeping my htc HD2 and is waiting for the folks at XDA to give us a full working version. Now it looks they are very close to achieve a full working version.

The first release was very promising though interface was slight laggy, lacks WiFi. This one was based on htc Sense UI

Discussion of development  and download links  at XDA :