Opera Mini 5.1 for Android

Posted on July 15, 2010


We have now another alternative to the Android default browser : Opera Mini ver 5.1
With over 61 million users worldwide, Opera Mini is the world’s most popular browser for mobile phones, allowing much faster browsing speeds. You can download the free Opera Mini browser from the Android Market or at  m.opera.com.

Opera is the default browser I use  in my other phone the Windows HTC HD2. It is snappy and its mobile view of web pages is excellent.Opera Mini taps into Opera’s proxy servers that intercept and compress webpages up to 90%  before sending them down to the client. This speeds download times, making the browser suitable for slower web connections and lower amounts of memory.
The new Opera Mini 5.1 for Android supports 96 languages, and you now have the option of using it as your default browser.

The new version offers “better page layout and font rendering” on the newer, larger Android devices, as well as improved kinetic scrolling. Full zoom support is not yet available. You can completely zoom in and completely zoom out but there’s no in-between. The pinch an zoom feature is not as well executed as the default browser. An important lacking feature is no flash support yet.  Other features are :

– Tabbed browsing – browse several websites at the same time, jumping from one to another with ease
– Speed dial – go to your favorite website with just one click using a set of visual bookmarks
– Long click with finger you can perform action such as opening a new link, edit speed dial , do copy n paste text
– Can set Opera Mini as default browser

Screen shots :

Other alternative to the default browser is Skyfire 2.2 which was also just launched last week . This browser is still my preferred choice. I have posted review and information of this browser here :

Skyfire 2.1 review : https://leemn.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/skyfire-2-1-for-android/

Skyfire 2.2 release notice : https://leemn.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/skyfire-v-2-2-for-android-release/

Comparison of Opera Mini 5.1 on HTC Desire vs iphone 4 Safari . Comparison of Opera Mini 5.1 and Safari on both iPhone 4. In both it is shown Opera Mini is more snappy, faster loading of web pages, better and smoother zooming

Official video ver 5:

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