Apple Press Conference on iPhone 4 today 1 am M’sian time

Posted on July 16, 2010


17 Jul 2 am  M’sian time : Apple will hold a press conference to discuss the latest complaints from some buyers about the iPhone 4 , specifically :

– reception signal bars dropping off when the phone is held at the lower bottom where the antenna is located, now labelled as the ” death grip ”
– today release of update iOS 4.0.1 -: feedback is mixed with  still some  users reporting in cases of dropping signals
– Apple to clarify  what really happen and what has been done so far to rectify this
– Proximity sensor fail to turn off display when phone is hold close to one’s face. But on some iPhone 4 models, the sensor is apparently getting stuck—either it doesn’t turn off the display when you hold the phone to your face, or it doesn’t re-activate the screen once you move the iPhone away from your face.

Apple would not provide details on the nature of the event  other than to say it will involve the iPhone 4.
On Monday, Consumer Reports said careful testing has confirmed user reports that holding the phone over a particular spot drastically reduces the signal strength it receives. Consumer Reports said it tested other phones and found none to have significant loss of signal strength when held. Covering the spot with duct tape or a case alleviates the problem.
Apple hasn’t commented on Consumer Reports’ finding yet , we should hear it later early next morning

Speculations is rife over the web the past few days, and generally  most web sites on mobiles were in agreement that Apple will not openly admit the problem. Steve Job most probably will argue over this issue as a standard problem faced in other smartphones with the antenna located at the bottom part. The possibility of whether Apple will give away its bumper case as a remedial solution is doubtful. With 1.7 million units sold to date, it’d cost Apple US$ 51 million. Steve JObs will most probably flaunt the updated iOS 4.0.1 which had change the way the signal bars are display – many think is only a gimmick. Some analyst think that a total recall is unlikely as it will cause Apple US $ 1.5 billion. Rumors that subsequent production is rectified with special non-conductive  coating on the side metal bands is unconfirmed.

Well, all will be known in 4 hours time. You can monitor the conference through several live blog updates listed below. Well, I will be staying up to follow it. Time now to prepare some ” kopi-oh gau-gau ” !

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