HTC HD2 : Dual boot windows mobile 6.5 or Android now available

Posted on July 16, 2010


Thanks to XDA member  ” jmztaylor”  , he has now given us a cab file ( 147 kb only ) when installed allow us to  have dual boot option. Immediately after the splash screen and right before the phone fully boots, it  gives you the option to either load Android or Windows Mobile.

His link at :

QUOTE : So this is a dual-boot app I wrote for the HD2. This just gives you an option during boot to choose Windows Mobile or Android. You must have android already installed to the root of your sd card. If you are using the latest android release be sure to rename zharet to haret and the default.txt file to startup.txt and you will not have to tap run in haret anymore.

Updated to v2. Now automatically launches CLRCAD.exe.

Download link of cab file :

To boot Android you are required to have all the files on the root of your SD card.

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