SHOCKING – RM 4 billion operational expenses per year for PM’s department

Posted on July 16, 2010


15 Jul : MalaysiaInsider –  The Najib administration revealed today that it had allocated a whopping RM3.956 billion this year to finance operations in the Prime Minister’s Department.
In a written reply to DAP MP Nga Kor Ming, Minister in the Prime Minister’s department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said the escalated operational costs were due to the “creation of new agencies” within the department as well as the addition of posts in a few existing agencies.
The number of civil servants in the PM’s Department has also increased from 21,045 in 2003 to 43,544 in 2010.

“One of the new agencies created is a managing office for former PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi? Since when do former PMs need an office? So when Najib steps down, we have to create an office for him? What about Tun Dr Mahathir? Where is his office? Should we have another office for him?” said Nga.
According to the reply to Nga, the six new agencies include Pemandu (Implementation and Coordination Unit), and the National Economic Advisory Council (NEAC).
Six existing agencies which include the National Security Council (MKN) and Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) experienced an increase in manpower.

At a press conference in the Parliament lobby later today, Nga described the huge outlay of staff for the PM’s Department as wasteful and a burden on taxpayers. He dismissed the minister’s reasons for staff expansion by the department as questionable.

“The entire state government of Perak only employs 7,900 people. The RM4 billion spent by the PM’s Department is almost five times the budget of Perak.

Querying why such a huge number of staff was needed by just one government department, Nga said this was indicative of the country’s bloated civil service.
“Taiwan, with a population similar to us at 28 million, has only 530,000 government employees. Japan with a 120 million population employs 380,000 civil servants. But Malaysia ,with a population of 28 million, has a civil service of 1.2 million.”

“Why do we need such a huge number of civil servants? In the end, the taxpayers will pay for the cost, especially since some of the departments created, and where staff were increased, have dubious functions,” added Nga.


I still remember our PM Datuk Seri Najib had exhort all Ministries need to be on austerity drive. Did he conveniently forgot to said the exception is his Prime Minister’s Department.

We have been hearing about KPI’s and NRA from the PM’s department – it is a joke that this department itself is flouting all the objectives it’d set for the other ministries. Time to set KPI’s for cutting down operational expenses 2011

What a bloated bureaucracy !! Is the PM department filling up and creating jobs for all the unemployed graduates which they actively recruited 1-2 years ago ? It’d be interesting to know how many of them are ” gaji buta” , just clocking in daily,  wait for tea break, then lunch and finally punch out for home ?

This  is a blatant outright misuse of us tax payer’s money !!  This is really preposterous and mind blowing. Do I see also corruption under the guise of operational expenses ? I am utterly at loss of words reading this numbers – RM 4 BILLION ! RM 4 BILLION !

On today,  the same day the government suddenly announced without notice the hike in prices of fuel, gas and sugar. Najib said this is only a ” upward price adjustments” and it will save the government RM 750 million in subsidies this year. He said ” Even after these changes, the government will still spend an estimated RM7.82 billion on fuel and sugar subsidies in 2010 “. Just look at the numbers he had rattled off .  RM 7.82 billion is about twice his operational costs for the PM department. My dear PM, please don’t play play with words – what is ” upward price adjustments” ? This is B$#$%%t – it is still a HIKE and INCREASE in price !

Most shocking, why do we need an office for ex-PM Badawi? Is it for him to take a nap when he is too tired traveling around KL ? Since this was mentioned, we wish to know how much is allocated to this office ? Do the other ex-PM have such a luxury ?

It is obvious even to a lowly educated man in the street, the PM department need  a complete overhaul. Drastic steps to cut down wastages, inefficiencies possibly work duplications , unnecessary expenditures, computerization of jobs, etc etc – I can just say is going to be a long list of what they can do IF they want to do it. The PM department should learn from corporate business organizations who in bad times cut down operational costs and yet maintain profits.

No wonder the rakyat must bear all the up coming subsidy cuts . No wonder Idris Jala said that at the rate our country is spending money, Malaysia  will go bankrupt in 2019.

This is already Malaysia TAK Boleh !!