Mind your words – Najib’s team advise to the press

Posted on July 17, 2010


16 Jul MalaysiaKini : Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak yesterday attempted to preempt a public backlash over the ‘5-in-1 price hike’ by discouraging the press from using specific words in their reports.
During a special briefing at the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya afternoon yesterday, editors were told not to use the words “price hike” or its Malay equivalent “harga barang naik“.
Instead, they were told to use the words “upward price adjustment” or “subsidy rationalisation”.
The briefing was conducted by Najib’s (left) media advisors and several participants toldMalaysiakini that it was a friendly atmosphere.
“They politely appealed for our cooperation, but the subtle spin was too obvious to ignore,” said one participant.

OMG ! I don’t believe it. What is happening to this country.  Last week the government announce the setup of   ” Ministry of Truth “ to counter attack all “lies” in the alternate  media, took action to suspend opposition publications Suara Keadilan, and warnings to DAP’s Rocket, Harakah etc.

Now they even go to the extend of controlling the words . This is getting ridiculous.

Dear PM : Don’t treat us as fools. An increase in price of even 0.1 sen is an increase. Changing the terminology does not make any difference, we still have to pay extra 0.1 sen and it will not make the rakyat feels better. Unbelievable !

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