FACEBOOK – refine your privacy settings

Posted on July 20, 2010


Last May, under pressure from its critics Facebook revised its privacy policies. Many of those who start an account with it just sign on the dotted line without understanding what it is all about.  In 2005, the Facebook proivacy policy was 991 words expanding progressively to 3033 words in 2006 and now it stands at 5832 words. Honestly do you as a Facebook user read these 5832 words when you agreed and sign to start the account ?? Doesn’t this reminds you of signing for a loan agreement with the bank – do you read the details ? You’d be saying like most others – ” What the heck ? I need the money ! ” . As long as you are 13 years old and above and has an email address, you can start a Facebook account. Your kid could be splattering a lot of info about you in Facebook with his friends and these info will be captured and pass on to many others whom you will not know , the chance of you knowing any one of them is 1 in a billion ?? Most disturbing, corporations are tapping your personal information without your knowledge.

Casey Niestat had make a small and entertaining movie, 6 mins long  about Facebook privacy


You could have signed again the amended policies too. It is not too late to strengthen your privacy settings. Business insider has make a simple guide how you can refined your privacy settings further :

Go to Facebook.com and drag the “account” menu on the top right to “Privacy settings.”

Click ” Friends” only

Click ” Apply These Settings”

Now click ” applications and websites ”

In the menu across from Games and application activity, drag and drop to “friend only”

Click ” edit settings ” across from “info accessible through your friends ”

Uncheck all the boxes and click “save changes”

Click ” edit settings” across from ” Instant personalization ”

Uncheck the box at the bottom and click ” confirm ”

Click ” back to applications” because we are not done

Click ” edit settings” across from ” public search ”

Uncheck ” enable public search”

Click ” confirm “.