HTC Desire : Adding voice to text feature

Posted on July 20, 2010


Unlike the Google Nexus One, the HTC Desire lacks the voice to text feature. This is very useful especially when you just want to send out , say a quick SMS. Instead of typing, you speak and the Google voice software will capture your words and convert it to text. Depending on your pronunciation, the accuracy rate is 99% to sometimes 100 %. I am a Chinese and even with my Chinese and Malaysian accent, I’d say my success rate is close to 99 % most of the time. There were few occasions I obtain 100 % accuracy.

1. Download the voice search app here

2. Download either the Hi Resolution Keyboard or Low Resolution keyboard app. Try and see which one works for you

3. Copy these 2 files to your SD card

3. First Install the Voice Search app – I assume here you know how to install an apk file. If you don’t know, download from market Astro File Manager

4. Then install the keyboard app

5. After installation , go to Settings > Language and Keyboard. Tick and select  HTC_IME mod

6. Test : Open Messaging, and select a new message. In the Input box, hold down – a pop up box will prompt Input Method ., select it and choose HTC_IME mod. Press the microphone key, start to speak at normal pace and pronounce clearly . After you finish speaking, your words will be converted to text in the message input box