Ibrahim Ali fights back against John Mallot’s article in Wall Street Journal

Posted on July 20, 2010


Perkasa Ibrahim Ali today called former US ambassador to Malaysia a ” bullshitter” describing Perkasa a ” militant group”.  The article is by John Mallot and is posted here .

Ibrahim condemned the statement as “damaging”, “irresponsible” and “a blatant lie”. “How can he (Malott) call Perkasa a militant group?” he asked. “We have never taken up any arms or been involved in any bombing like the Taliban or any militant group in the Middle East.” “We are just an ordinary NGO which has been officially listed and at the moment, we don’t get involved in any militant activities. Even our objective is merely to protect what is laid out in the country’s constitution and nothing more than that.”

Meanwhile, in an immediate reply, Malott said Ibrahim should buy a dictionary. “The word ‘militant’ has two meanings, one of which is  ‘having a combative character; aggressive, especially in the service of a cause, such as a militant political activist,” he said.
“I stand by my statement that Perkasa is a militant group. If Ibrahim does not understand English, that is his problem, not mine.”

The full report is at Free Malaysia Today