Android : comparo Nexus One vs Samsung Captivate vs Droid X

Posted on July 21, 2010


From : In this video we test three different CPU platforms for smartphones: the Qualcomm Snapdragon (on the Nexus One), the Samsung Humminbird (on the AT&T Captivate), and the TI OMAP (on the Motorola Droid X). We test each device in a variety of tests, including boot up time, internet speed, Google Earth, and YouTube video streaming. We’re trying to determine, in practice, which CPU platform is fastest. The Captivate is known as Galaxy S in Asian markets

Start up first : Winner – Nexus follow by Captivate and last Droid X

Web Page loading : First test Captivate crash, winner Droid X follow by Nexus. Two more tests – Winner Captivate and Droid X. The Captivate scrolling and zooming is smoothest follow by Droid X

Google earth which need intensive load on cpu and gpu : Captivate follow by Droid X and Nexus

YouTube : Captivate follow by Nexus and Droid X. The color display on the Captivate is gorgeous

Brandon Miniman call it a tie between the three – I’d said the Captivate has a slight edge over the Droid X and Nexus. Considering the Nexus is on Froyo while the two are still at ver 2.1, these two smartphones I believe will overtake the Nexus when Froyo is available for it