Police officer turn down RM55,000 bribe from suspected drug trafficker

Posted on July 21, 2010


Jul 20 : Malay Mail ( excerpts )

KUALA LUMPUR: An underworld figure thought he could buy his way out of a drug trafficking rap by attempting to bribe a police officer with RM55,000.
Chief Inspector M. Suresh proved him wrong.

Spurning the man’s offer, the Kuala Lumpur police narcotics department officer searched the suspected drug trafficker’s car and seized 100 grammes of syabu hidden inside the vehicle.
Seizing the money, believed to be ill-gotten gains, Suresh arrested the 46-year-old suspect who later led the police officer and his team to his rented condominium unit.

When contacted, Suresh, 41, who has been with the force for 19 years, said he was merely carrying out his duties as a police officer.
He said this was the second time that he was offered a bribe, in the course of his duty.
“We (police officers and men) are trained to uphold the integrity of the force at all times, and not fall for any kind of temptation,” Suresh told Bernama today.

Kuala Lumpur Narcotics Department chief Assistant Commissioner Kang Chez Ching confirmed the arrest of the suspected drug trafficker.
“I am very proud of my officer for his high-level intergrity and for setting a good example to his fellow officers,” added Kang.

Inspector Suresh, we are very proud of you. You have shown to us and given us hope there is still honesty and integrity in the police force. This arrest and drug seizure will save many lives and cut down the supply of drugs. How we hope there are more guys like you in the force.

Dear IGP and Home Minister – this is a very good example set by your man . Do you have any words or comments ?