Perkasa propose dissolve UMNO and PAS

Posted on July 22, 2010


22 Jul report by Hazlan Zakaria at MalaysiaKini :

Malay rights NGO Perkasa proposes the dissolution of both PAS and Umno followed the formation of a new party to unite Malay Muslims in the country and stop them from squabbling along political lines.
This solution was mooted by the Perkasa supreme council – which met today – in order to resolve the issue of ‘Malay unity’ following open talks between PAS and Umno on the matter.
“I know this is a provocative idea from Perkasa. But this is the best way,” claimed Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali during a press conference after the meeting in Shah Alam.
“If we were to merge Umno and PAS or ask the Islamic party to join BN, neither would agree. PAS would say that it has its own strength and Umno would say that it is the senior party and has the most members,” he said.
He said Perkasa also proposes the formation of a steering committee on Malay unity which should include non-partisan Malay figures including academicians, former judges and veteran civil servants.
Asked if Perkasa would take the lead in the council like it did with the Malay Consultative Council,  Ibrahim said that it is better for the steering committee to be independent from Perkasa.

What will Ibrahim Ali think of next ?  He must be naive to think that UMNO and PAS will even consider this. What about the Malay community in Parti Keadilan Rakyat ?

I view this just as another stunt and typical theatrics from him. Perhaps his hidden ambition eventually is to lead this organization,  if it ever materialize ? The independent status will not happen, squabbling will continue setting the stage for Ibrahim Ali to be mediator and eventual leader . A brilliant and far sighted plan. Walau ! imagine  Ibrahim Ali, the next potential PM in the works.

Let’s await the feedbacks and reaction from UMNO and PAS leaders  tomorrow.