iPAD – sales now more than iPod and half as big as the Mac

Posted on July 22, 2010


Source : Business Insider

Apple’s iPad is already huge. In fact, after just its first quarter of sales, it’s already the company’s third-biggest business segment.
In the June quarter,  the iPad business generated $2.2 billion of revenue for Apple.
That’s more than Apple’s iPod business generated last quarter — $1.5 billion. (Though the cheaper iPod obviously had larger unit sales.) And it’s almost half as big as Apple’s 26-year-old Mac business, which put in its best quarter ever at $4.4 billion.
Very impressive. And the fact that the iPad and Mac can co-exist together for Apple.

Impressive numbers. The iPad success story will make a good case study for business and marketing students. I have an iPad, honestly I will deem it an inferior product with so many limitations. Yet such a product could sell within days into million units and the number is growing every day. People all over UK, USA, Japan etc camp overnight and lineup to buy it.  Till today, production still unable to meet demand. If this product is not an Apple, it’d have perished within days once released. I have deliberated on why I should or should not buy it in this blog. I have read so many reviews and user’s experience before I took the plunge. So, did I regret buying it ?

Answer : YES  and NO

YES,  because even with installing 3rd party  software and setting up cloud accounts at Dropbox and GoAruna, the iPad as a possibility of replacing even my miserable HP netbook is only 50 % ! I’d be satisfied  if it can meet 80 % of it, knowing it can never be a substitute for even a netbook
NO – because it was a great experience learning how to use a handicapped tablet . I  jailbreak it after a week and of course on the way I did spend some money buying apps from the app store just to enhance it. That’s where Steve Jobs is now earning his extra money from. We users are paying extra to make better use of his iPad. I am spending only on basic necessities not even luxury apps like games, ebooks, etc.