The 25 Best Tech companies to work for

Posted on July 22, 2010


An interesting comparison with employees feedback . Those commonly known to us, here are the rankings :

Ranking : Google – 1, Adobe – 2, Apple – 4, Qualcomm – 7, Microsoft – 11 , SAP – 13, Intel – 17, Nokia – 20, Cisco – 24 , Texas Instrument – 25

Here is the review on Google , read the rest at the link above :

Company Rating: 3.9
CEO Approval: Eric Schmidt, 97%
The Bottom Line: Everyone knows about the food at Google, but that’s not the only reason it reigns supreme over tech companies. Google hires extremely intelligent people and has the trusts them to improve products and innovate new ones. Most of the negative reviews are directed towards middle management, who were perhaps hired during the early growth years for convenience rather than qualifications. Today, they block career growth.

Employee feedback :

“There is no finer collection of engineering talent on the planet. Good perks, great free food. Fantastic talks from visiting speakers.”

“Energetic, passionate talent pool; way above average perks & benefits; fair compensation for young workforce; Having bragging rights about working for the best place in the US”

“Impact, impact, impact! Imagine what ‘translate’ alone can do for humanity”

“Management is one of the worse around for the all offices across the globe. There is no career plan nor development for most Googlers and therefore the best people are leaving the company at a fast rate.”

“There is no clear career progression, and senior management is arrogant.”