Dell Streak available in USA by end July

Posted on July 27, 2010


DELL will be releasing the Dell Streak by end Jul in USA with a likely price of US$ 500. It was released on early Jun in the UK ( at  a price of GBP 440 unlocked set ).  The smartphone comes with  a 1GHz Snapdragon core, a 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, 850 / 1900MHz 3G , and 2GB of internal storage coupled with a bundled and pre-installed 16GB microSDHC card.  Where the Streak sets itself far, far apart from the crowd, though, is with an absolutely enormous 5-inch capacitive touchscreen at 800 x 480 resolution. The obvious negative about this phone is the old Android 1.6 O/S but Dell had promised a update to Froyo ver 2.2 by year end.

The Asian release date is unknown yet and I hope by the time it reach our shores, the O/S would have been upgraded to at least ver 2.1
My earlier post on the Dell specs and features :

The Dell Streak was rooted on 30 Jun by Paul of Modaco :

Tech Radar had summarized the Dell Streak as follows:

If Dell was marketing this as a smartphone, it would be a noble first entry for the company into that arena, but as the tablet it professes the Streak to be, it offers the functionality and power to provide a viable alternative to the impending Apple procession.

Likes : We were impressed with the interface Dell has pasted over the Android 1.6 operating system. It’s very logical and allows rapid manoeuvring between the Streak’s outstanding feature set.
Moving between homescreen Rooms, whizzing through menus and working within applications is extremely snappy thanks to the 1GHz processor, which is a match for any smartphone we’ve seen this year.
Amid all of the arguments about whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, and whether the screen size is suitable for either, it’s easy to forget that this device fulfils so many other needs very well indeed.
The camera yields results better than anything outside of Sony Ericsson’s well-specced stable, while Google’s turn-by-turn navigation turns the 5-inch screen into a competent satnav free of charge.

Dislikes : There are minor disappointments, such as the poor speakers, under-performing music player, distinct lack of a messaging dictionary and lack of Flash support, but mainly our experiences using this device are overwhelmingly positive.
There are plenty of reasons not to buy this device. It may be too big for you to feel comfortable using it as a smartphone or too small for it to truly consider a tablet despite the fact that it works well as both.

VERDICT : If you have your heart set on an then this won’t change your mind. Apple’s App Store and the multitude of impressive new apps are beyond reproach, notwithstanding its brilliant touchscreen and overall user experience that’s currently on a different level to everything in the world.
In truth, it’s probably also a little too small to sway  fanciers, who have preconceptions about how big a tablet should be. Asus and HP might have a better shot at that.
However, this device can confidently claim to offer greater functionality than most devices, including the . A smartphone, a brilliant camera, a web-savvy tablet PC and a satnav packed into a sleek and sexy package that’s still small enough to fit in the pocket.
Here is a device that truly bridges the gap between the smartphone and tablet universes and proves, once and for all, that you really don’t need both.

Kevin Andrew from the Dell Streak development team answers questions about Streak and T-Mobile, the status of Android 2.2 (Froyo) and the colors that will be available soon with the coming US launch. review :

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