Roundtable Discusssion on UPSR/PMR a rigged PR exercise ??

Posted on July 28, 2010


I found this amusing but sad report by Syed Akbar Ali.  Syed is a active blogger and his writings encompasses most social, political and economic issues in Malaysia. He is impartial and he is not associated with any political party. His writings clearly reflect his independence.  He is an Ipoh-born Malaysian about 50 years old and has been active in dailies such as “The Sun” and Berita Minggu till early 2004.
In the years since graduating from Purdue University and the University of Oaklahoma,Syed Akbar’s been involved in banking and finance, helping set up companies and businesses, and was no less an Economic Consultant in the Prime Minister’s Department in 2002. He had written two books titled To Digress A Little in July 2005 and his second book Malaysia and the Club of Doom the following year. In May 2008 , he was charged in a Sessions Court for a comment on Arabs and Islam that he had posted with Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s article on “Malaysia’s organised crime syndicate: all roads lead to Putrajaya”.

Quote :
I will be writing another different post on the UPSR & PMR soon. I was invited to attend the Roundtable Discussion on the UPSR / PMR at Putrajaya this morning. I was invited personally by the Deputy Prime Minister’s Press Secretary. So I went. Had to leave home slightly just after seven in the morning, drop off the Mrs at work and then drive over to Putrajaya. The traffic this morning was bad.

There was a sizeable crowd present there. There was a seat with my name on it, right on the front row. Some speakers made their presentations after which the people who had been invited were asked to make their comments.
That was the stated purpose of this Roundtable discussion – to get feedback from the public. That was why I was invited to attend too.

I kept putting my hand up to make a comment but the Chairman of the Roundtable – one Tan Sri Alimuddin something – kept ignoring me and also another guy beside me. Granted there were many people there and there were hands going up but I counted that I put up my hands 15 times at least.

Each participant was given 5 minutes to speak. Each time one participant had finished their five minutes, I put up my hand again. And each time the Chairman ignored me.

The Chairman (who was on my right) even asked one guy (a representative from the Tamil Bell Club) who was sitting two seats to my left to speak. I did not get a chance.
I counted at least 15 people who were invited to make comments. This means I put up my hands 15 times. Since each speaker spoke for 5 minutes (or more) it also means that my hand kept going up for 75 minutes.

I also noticed something funny. The Chairman kept calling upon the Tan Sris, the Datos and people he recognised. How did I know this? Because he kept referring to them by their names. OK lah no big deal – this is a small country. If you have a Tan Sri or a Dato, people may know you.
Then the Chairman called people who did not even put their hands up. This was strange. He called upon one guy by name, who had not even raised his hands. This guy also spoke for five minutes. Then he called upon one more Tuan Haji something who also had not even put up his hands. This was when I got up and left.

The Chairman Tan Sri Alimuddin obviously is an idiot – and he was not fit to be the Chairman of this Roundtable.

On hindsight I could not help coming to the conclusion that some of the ‘commentors’ that he kept calling upon by name and without them even having to put up their hands may actually have been ‘planted’. Maybe they were put there with ready made questions or comments. In other words that portion of the Roundtable was possibly rigged. Just a PR exercise.

I was invited to attend this Roundtable which I accepted in good faith. It was scheduled for 9.00 am in Putrajaya. I had to get up early, drive across town twice and then drive over to Putrajaya. I was hoping that I would get a chance at saying something too. But I put my hands up about 15 times over 75 minutes and the Chairman just kept ignoring me.

Gua tak faham lah. The Chairman was not blind. Maybe he was just dumb. Pak Tuan, kalau tak tahu urus Roundtable pun, habis macam mana nak bentuk dasar pendidikan?

Mr Chairman, where did you learn this type of kurang ajar manners? To keep ignoring someone after he had put up his hands 15 times? Lagi pun awak yang jemput saya, bodoh ! !

I was not the only Blogger who walked out. Another buddy of mine also walked out – he was the one who pointed out that the Chairman was calling upon people who did not even raise their hands.

Link : Syed Akbar Ali ( OutSyed the Box )