iPAD : Transfer files over to PC/Mac wirelessly

Posted on August 3, 2010


This procedure works only with Jailbreak iPADS.

The transfer of files between your PC/Mac will be done over WiFi  with no use of the USB cable and bypasssing iTunes .

1. Install OpenSSH : Launch Cydia, Search for ” OpenSSH” and install it

2. You can now connect the iPAD to your PC/Mac via an OpenSSH client : for MAC – use Cyberduck ; for Windows – use WinSCP

iTunes MUST NOT be in operation while you are connecting wirelessly

In order to SSH into iPad ,  you need to provide your iPad’s IP address, which you can find by going to Settings –> WiFi –> ‘Name of your Network’.

For Cyberduck, here are the details to be provided in order to connect to your iPad/iPhone:

Server: IP address of your iPad
Protocol: SFTP
Username: root
Password: alpine ( or your password if you have already change it )

For WinSCP:

Hostname: iPad IP address
Protocol: SCP
Username & Password: Same as for Cyberduck.

Download links:

Cyberduck : http://cyberduck.ch/
WinSCP : http://winscp.net/eng/index.php