Facebook for Android updated, now at ver 1.3.0

Posted on August 4, 2010


Android’s FACEBOOK app is now upgraded to Version 1.3.0. The User Interface  is much improved.  There is a photo reel at the bottom that lets you quickly flip through your friends’ recent photos and videos.  Drag the notifications bar at the bottom for the list of recent notifications.  There’s also one-tap access to post a status update or search for friends, video playback withing the app using H.264 encoding, support for Facebook events (review, see details, RSVP) within the app, and respond to friend requests.

This release brings us the Android version on  par with the iPhone application. The exception is the iPhone version do not have the photo reels at bottom.

Download it at Market or scan the image below ( use Barcode Scanner – free app from Market)