Malaysian motorists to enjoy ” buka puasa” present from Hishammuddin ?

Posted on August 4, 2010


All ” criminal” motorists can now rejoice. Our friendly Home MInister Datuk Hishammuddin will possibly give again discounts to traffic offenders who had yet to settle their traffic summonses. Take this as a ” buka puasa” present ? He should have announced it earlier.  I just settle my last summon for speeding at 68 km/hr at a 60 km zone ;  ouch ! – the pain was RM 100 !

I do not know how you feel but such a policy of giving discounts is a BAD policy. It will not deter traffic offenders. Maybe this is a secret ploy by the government to raise indirect income. It was only few months back, the police lamented the increasing rate of accidents in the country and wanted to increase drastically across the board all the traffic fines. The call eventually die off after loud cries of protests from the public. And now Hisham wants to offer discount again ?? What a strange and illogical way to manage such traffic violation issues . Oh Malaysia ! Oh  “kesian”  Malaysia !

4 Aug The Star :
The Government is mulling the possibility of offering discounts to traffic offenders with huge outstanding fines.
Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said although summonses were issued to discipline traffic offenders, the Government had no intention to burden anyone.
“We are looking into that possibility, provided that everyone has learnt a lesson and not take this matter for granted.
“There will be a high-level meeting to be chaired by Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan which will decide on this,” he told reporters after attending a working group meeting between Malaysia and Australia on counter-terrorism here yesterday.
The police had warned that motorists who ignored the more than 10 million
saman ekor (traffic offences caught on camera) it had issued since 2000 risked being hauled to the station.
Hishammuddin said motorists would not be affected by police action if they chose to settle their summonses immediately.
“The principle of the system is that when we have been issued with a summons, settle it,” he said.