BIGGEST Apple store in the world @ Covent Garden, London

Posted on August 6, 2010


The biggest APPLE store in the world will officially open its doors to the public this Saturday 7 Aug 2010.
The epic store is located across the pond in the Covent Garden district of London, England.

Some highlight details :

  • There are two glass staircases

  • The central courtyard could fit the 5th Avenue New York Apple Store

  • The store also has the largest “Genius Bar” in the world

The store will be housed in a building that was built in 1877 and feature a glass roof over a courtyard that was originally for delivery by horses. The new location is comprised of four floors, the top two for offices and exhibitions and the bottom two comprising the store itself.
According to the Evening Standard, Apple spared no expense in designing the store and restoring the building. They even reportedly removed a set of brick arches piece-by-piece and then rebuilt the arches exactly as they were on a new floor. Why? Because they wanted to lower the arches by a mere four inches. The Covent Garden Store  opens at 10AM on Saturday, August 7th. Its normal operating hours will be 9AM-9PM Monday through Saturday and Noon-6PM on Sunday.

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