HTC HD2 : Android Froyo 2.2 Sense successfully ported over

Posted on August 6, 2010


9 Aug : LATEST UPDATE Part 2 : 99.99 % Sucessfully run on the htc HD2 :

I have successfully ported over Android ver 2.2 Froyo ( htc Sense ) to my HTC HD2. The whole process takes less about 3 minutes. To begin, you have to download a few files :

BEFORE : Windows Mobile 6.5 – Miri/Elegancia Rom O/S 5.2.21911 and Manila 2.5.20161332.0

AFTER :  Android Froyo ver 2.2 – dan1j3l LeoFroyo Sense Release 1

– the Android version you need
– Dual Boot option cab : This allows you to select to boot up into . The android bootup takes about 50 sec.  I have posted about this feature here

Some tips to have it successful ported :

– Radio version : Make sure is 2.08 and above. I am using Radio
– Micr0 SD card :  Do a clean format before you copy over the dual boot cab file and the Android rom
– Windows Rom version on HD2 : If you are unsuccessful, most probably the rom is incompatible ( especially if you are on a cooked rom ) . You can refer to form XDA ( Link below ) for alternatives Windows rom.

Full instructions are available at XDA :

This android port is still in beta stage but many of the features are working. Some features related to the soft keys in the Android phone is not resolve. The touchscreen flow is not so smooth compared to my Nexus and its  original Windows Mobile O/S. The screen tends to blank off intermittently. The Market is working well – I downloaded few programs and all work well. I will be trying more programs and report back.

The default GMail and Mail apps works well. I can send and recieve mail; but noted in the Mail I am unable to do settings as the menu for it cannot access ( this is due to softkey linkage not done yet ). Phone calls were OK. SMS I can recieve but have problem sending out. As I just got it ported over today, I’ll experiment more on its features. Overall I’d say the XDA guys had done a very good job: I’d say they have done a 90 % – 95 % job porting over. Let’s hope they will resolve the lacking features over the next few weeks

My earlier posts on Android porting to HTC HD2 :

Some photos taken ( sorry for the smudges due to finger prints ) :

Booting up and installation of the Android files :

Android menu screen and Market

Settings screen and example of GMail loaded

Downloading and installing from Market ; Yahoo website using default browser

Yahoo mail using default Mail application