Comparo HTC HD2 ( Android Froyo) and Google Nexus One ( Android Froyo)

Posted on August 9, 2010


This is just a simple side by side comparison of the basic features of the  two phones . The HTC HD2 is running on a custom version of HTC Sense

PERFORMANCE : QUADRANT is used as a benchmark to measure the performance of the CPU, I/O, 2D and 3D graphics. Quadrant  tests the performance of mobile devices by taxing them with various loads ranging from video decoding to 3D graphics rendering.  The software provides the results in a graphical format showing comparisons with other popular Android phones.

The HTC HD2 records a reading of 1346 against the Nexus 1551. The Nexus is on a custom highly tweaked rom with a high performance kernel. I consider the performance of the HD2 to be exceptionally good as is is measured on a standard rom without any tweaks done.
As a comparison against Quadrant standards : the Nexus and htc Desire ( ver 2.1 ) is 550, Samsung Galaxy S about 800, Motorola Droid X is at 1100 and Nexus with Froyo ver 2.2 is 1250

DISPLAY : The HTC HD2 screen is larger at 4.3 in while the Nexus is at 3.7 “. The Nexus display brighter, sharper and more vibrant colours as its screen is Amoled while the HD2 is FT. The color differences are very obvious . On a scale of 10 to the Nexus, the HD2 will only score 7. Both are same resolution 480×800 pixels. The Nexus also looks better under sunlight

RHS : HTC HD2 and LHS : Google Nexus One

Web display using Android default browser. The images, colors and text looks better on the Nexus. The HD2 having a bigger screen display slightly more content

Tweeter Twidroyd Pro : Text view on the Nexus looks sharper and finer ( both set at same font size ) resulting in more content displayed on the Nexus

Newsfeed with Newsroom : Colors and text looks better on the HD2

CAMERA :  Both are 5 MP ; the HD2 camera shots looks slightly better

Settings and Menu Screens