HTC HD2 successfully run Android Froyo ( Sense ): Part 2

Posted on August 9, 2010


My first test of Android Froyo on HTC HD2 was with various problems . Though it was working, the performance was unsatisfactory compared with the Google Nexus and the default htc Sense Windows Mobile 6.5.  These were some issues I faced : Screen blank off once a while when used before display time is off, SMS successfully sent were erratic, audio was poor, scrolling was jerky at times, response of program launch was slow, most of the time have to wait about 1 sec, multitask slow down phone.  Since the first test, I have tested other combinations of WM roms together with the Android versions available.

The latest  rom I have tested  is now a workable version and it can be use as a daily rom for most common purposes. This  rom is no longer sluggish and the scrolling is very smooth. The response on the htc Sense user interface is now very fluid, comparable to the default Windows Mobile 6.5 Sense UI and to my other NexusOne.  Quadrant tests on the previous rom was 1050 , the new rom is now at 1346.

As a comparison against Quadrant standards : the Nexus and htc Desire ( ver 2.1 ) is 550, Samsung Galaxy S about 800, Motorola Droid X is at 1100 and Nexus with Froyo ver 2.2 is 1250

All the basic function works very well and smoothly without any issues – I couldn’t believe it was on the HTC HD2 : Calls, SMS, WiFi, Default Mail, Gmail, Google Maps, Browser, Facebook, Clock, People, Peep,  Calendar, Places , YouTube,Weather under Sense, News ( Sense), Friendstream Widget, Music Player, Camera, CamCorder. Bluetooth pairing with my iMac was immediate and file transfer from my iMac to the phone was successful. I do not have any bluetooth headset, so I am unable to test this.

Following 3rd party programs installed and all executed without any problems : Astro File Manager, 1Password, AdFree, Adobe Reader, AK Notepad, Calvin and Hobbes, Currency Converter, Google Earth, iReader, MyBackup Pro, Titanium Backup, MarketAccess, Opera Mini, Documents To Go, QuickOffice, Quick System Info, ShootMe, Twidroyd Pro, Newsroom, Smart Keyboard Pro, SMS Backup & Restore, Skype

I could successfully copied and restore over my Nexus data ( Mail, SMS, Notes, News feed links, 1Password )

Unlike the first test rom, this rom I’d say is 99.99 % complete; the balance 0.01 % I have yet to discover . I am still testing other programs. So far all those I use frequently works perfectly. I will be using this Android rom on  the HTC HD2 for the next few days and will post update of any other findings.

My side by side comparison of this HD2 ( on Froyo) with Google Nexus ( Froyo) :

Android Rom version used : Darkstone Froyo Sense ver 1.0
Windows Mobile 6.5 : Miri WM 6.5 ( 21908 ) v17

Some shots ( taken by ShootMe ) :

Links : Full instructions at XDA –

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