Was Papermaster sacked by Apple ?

Posted on August 9, 2010


Mark Papermaster , Apple’s Senior VP of Devices Hardware Engineering has left the company abruptly  weeks after the iPhone 4 ‘Antennagate’ controversy. Papermaster was not present at the press conference on July 16. Apple’s spokesman Steve Dowling wouldn’t comment beyond a brief statement or say whether Papermaster was fired or is leaving voluntarily. His job will be taken over by Bob Mansfield, who is now the Senior Vice President of Macintosh Hardware Engineering.

Till now Apple has never admitted  to an antenna problem. Some say firing Papermaster could put Apple in a weak position defending the antenna design. One can spin just about any theory about the executive change, but until someone says something official it’s just speculation. But based on Steve Job ” successful” press conference on Apr 16 dismissing the antenna issue using competitor smartphones as comparison together with an offer of free bumper case, I doubt Steve is worried about the consequence of Papermaster departure.

Judging by the short notice and lack of comments from Apple, I’d think he was asked to go. So, Mark – where now and next stop  ? Google perhaps ??

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