TEOH BENG HOCK’s magical sling bag

Posted on August 11, 2010


By now most , if not all of us had heard about the mysterious ” suicide note” found in Teoh Beng Hock’s sling bag. The AG said it was discovered by the police 2 months later. WOW – what a story ! Teoh’s bag must be magical that this was not found in the first time the police inspected it. I am not familiar with police procedures but COMMONSENSE will tell us the bag should be 100 % completely emptied out for all evidence. How can it be only this piece of note be left out ? Probably many other items in the bag was not taken out for examination but the police cannot said such as it’d reflect their gross incompetence and inefficiency. If this is true, it also shows the lack of importance the police had shown investigating the case.

If this suicide note allegation is true, why can’t it be submitted to the court and AG first to show a probability of suicide ? I pity Teoh’s family agony during the past 13 months if such a note do exist.  The AG even went further saying that it was now only revealed due to the need to test its authenticity – this took another 10 months ??? We still do not know exactly its content of the note,  just an implication is suicidal –  it is so hush hush now. The trial will now even be prolong longer as Teoh’s lawyers will definitely want a confirmation and independent tests. So many theories had cropped up in the last few days over this and ALL are not in the favor of the AG and the police.

I have only one word – SHAME to the AG and the Police !

I propose this incident be submitted to Ripley Believe-it-or NOT , Guinness Book of Records and to C.S.I  TV producers as an out breaking and exceptional unheard of storyline ” The New Evidence” ??

I post below some excerpts of  public opinions from one of MalaysiaKini article. There are so many articles in MalaysiaKini about this and all carried the same tone – disappointment, unbelievable, farce, makeup evidence, etc


‘Forensics can turn up a lot of clues, including on handwriting – the approximate date it was written, the origin of the paper and ink used, writing style, contents, etc. If TBH purportedly said sorry to his boss but left out his fiancee, is it credible?’

Singa Pura Pura: This purported ‘suicide note’ sought to be admitted as evidence is an extremely unsafe piece of ‘evidence’. The very circumstances under which it surfaces, in the midst of proceedings, are plainly so questionable that it would be exceedingly unreliable to consider it in any decision-making process.
Any decision made that relies upon or takes into account this ‘note’ would be so tainted with impropriety and illegality that it becomes immediately liable to be overturned, not only in a court of law but also in the court of public justice.
Needless to say, there is absolutely no necessity (and, indeed, it would be wrong) to examine the truth or falsity of the assertions contained within the said note. This is so even if the statements contained in the note assert that the author’s life was being threatened by another person or persons, and that the author would under no circumstances commit suicide.

Kgen: Will the attorney-general allow the note to be examined by an independent third party? If he will not, the public will just spit the ‘evidence’ back into his face.
Forensic investigation can turn up a lot of clues, including on handwriting – the approximate date it was written, the origin of the paper and ink used, writing style, contents, etc. If Teoh purportedly said sorry to his boss but left out his fiancee, is it credible?
The AG should be warned it is not easy to fabricate evidence. Hasn’t he learned his lesson in Sodomy I?

Kazakh: My take is this supposed suicide note is a fake, brought in at this moment to neutralise the potential damage that the Thai pathologist’s (Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand’s) testimony could bring to the integrity of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the testimony of those government-appointed pathologists.
Now there’ll be another round of cross-examining experts in handwriting which I believe in the end the judge presiding the inquest will decide that the MACC-AG team wins. Case closed.

Teh Thian Hwa: The whole country should just say to the AG, police, judiciary and the other law enforcement agencies that it has had enough. This warrants a disgusted and angry reaction from everyone in Malaysia, who should all rise up and convene an almighty protest nationwide.
Enough of this wanton manipulation of the public’s trust. Public servants should serve the public, not cover up each other’s gross misdeeds and incompetence.

Fair Mind: Never in Malaysia’s history has the image and integrity of the AG’s Chambers under Abdul Gani Patail has fallen so low. First there was the Sodomy I trial, then the Sodomy II.

Many of the crooks in high-profile cases have gone scot-free. Then there’s the Altantuya Shaariibuu trial and the blatant cover-ups. Next, an AG’s Chambers staff is found to have a relationship with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.
If the AG was in any other country, he would have long been sacked and perhaps locked up for conspiracy. He is inhumane for keeping the suicide note away from Teoh Beng Hock’s family.

Swipenter: I find it incredulous that the investigating officer suddenly found the urge to go and do another thorough search of the sling bag two months after the incident. What made him do this? In the first place, how could he miss the ‘suicide note’ if a thorough search was done?
How big is a sling bag and how many compartments are there in a sling bag that cannot be emptied and searched? It is not like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Then it took almost a year for the AG to decide to tender the ‘suicide note’ in court. The best part is, before he could do it, it was already leaked to certain quarters. Now can you believe that?

Habib RAK: The gist of it is, Teoh Beng Hock asked his boss to forgive him for having to ‘reveal’ to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission ‘many things’ while his statement was taken.
It this were true, surely MACC would have pounded on Pakatan Rakyat Aduns and MPs by now. The fact that nothing came out after interrogating TBH proves that there was nothing to reveal. This so-called ‘suicide note’ is nothing but a concoction by MACC.

Kgen: What was there to reveal? A ferocious investigation over a petty RM2,400 amount which turned up nothing? Even if his boss had done anything wrong, it is not Teoh who would face the music. Why would a person commit suicide over such petty allegations of wrongdoing?

YF: To the authors of this ‘Drama Minggu Ini’ script, please note that a person who is going to commit suicide would not hide his alleged suicide note in a bag nor would he leave ‘struggle marks’ on himself. You need to watch more ‘CSI’ episodes to create more credible fake ‘evidence’. But then again, this is Malaysia Boleh – even a lousy script can win an Anugerah Bintang. And we call ourselves an Islamic nation? What an insult.
Sentinel: The entire happenings prior to Monday’s revelation of the said document point only to a set-up by the AG’s Chambers. Isn’t this the same attorney-general who was alleged to have fabricated evidence in the first Sodomy trial? Can’t we Malaysians see the trend already? When will we say enough is enough?
As Malaysian taxpayers and voters, we should send a strong message to the puppet masters that we cannot stomach this type of nonsense anymore. The judiciary and the other government enforcement agencies must not be abused to keep a political party in power.

SKS: The biggest joke about the whole thing is that they really think we are all that stupid. They are only digging their own grave by doing all this. They are making the public more and more angry and agitated.

Sarajun Hoda: How did Umno get hold of such a document which is still with the AG? Anwar Ibrahim has no access to important documents even the police report, witness list and medical reports, but Umno members get them so easily.
It clearly indicates that the prosecution, court hearings and media’s castration of Anwar is all a major Umno play. What a judiciary we have in Malaysia. I am so ashamed.

DannyLoHH: How else to complete an injustice if not by fabrication of false evidence?