HTC Schubert ( windows phone 7 ) : a iPhone lookalike

Posted on August 12, 2010


This is the first picture and video from on HTC first Windows Phone 7 ( WP7 ), codename HTC Schubert.  What a unique name given to a smartphone – I wonder is it based on the famous Austrian composer Franz Schubert ? Perhaps HTC will relate to him to promote its first WP7 phone ?

All previous Windows Phone 7 demo model was mainly based on the keyboard model made by LG. This smartphone, at a quick glance looks like the iPhone 3Gs down to the stainless steel bezel, rounded design, and appearance of the home button with the subtle Windows logo outline on it. I couldn’t figure out why HTC needs to imitate the iPhone for their first WP7 .

The Schubert is said to have been built using a single piece of aluminum (just like the htc Legend ) with plastic cutouts in the back allowing for that all-important wireless connectivity. This would means no signal drop or reception issues as the iPhone 4.

Here are the rumored specifications of HTC Schubert:

  • Windows Phone 7 OS

  • 1.0 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor

  • 4.3-Inch Touch Display ( It looks more like a 3.7″ display to me )

  • 5 Mega Pixel Camera with Flash Light

  • Bluetooth 2.0

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • microSD Card Slot


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