Tweetdeck for Android Leaked !

Posted on August 12, 2010


One of the most popular apps Tweetdeck for iPhone, iPad will soon be available for Android smartphones. I use Tweetdeck in my iPad and is looking forward to the Android release.  A leaked beta version is now available. I managed to get the download link as most web reviewers do not put it up due to probably legal issues. The download link is at bottom of this post. Download it before it is taken off.  TweetDeck is going to be a game-changer, as it will likely bring Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, and perhaps FourSquare integration into a single Android application.

Tweetdeck CEO Iain Dodsworth has given us a sneek peek ( video below )

I will post my findings after test over the next 2 days

The official statement release by Ian Dodsworth on Aug 9 :

To get straight to the point, we’re nearing completion of Android TweetDeck and we’ve really been pushing the limits of what Android can do. Hence we will be opening up a public beta testing period this week for some serious device testing. But before all that happens I wanted to briefly explain what Android TweetDeck means to us because it’s more than just TweetDeck on Android.

First off, we’ve built Android TweetDeck from the ground up to be true multi-stream, laser focused on showing you all your friends’ cross-service activity in one app. Multi-column is still the order of the day but now columns are blended based on the type of activity rather than the service. And all this whilst retaining the most powerful functionality from each included service.

We’ve spent an inordinate amount of time making the app silky smooth from the column scrolling to the custom views – so much so that one of Google’s Android Developer Advocates recently described it as “a thing of beauty“. So look out for the beta test later this week and please do get involved.

Interestingly Android TweetDeck also represents the future of our iPhone and iPad applications. We’ll have a few bug fix releases shortly (awaiting approval in the app store) but in the background we are working on porting Android to iPhone in as quick a time as possible. Finally, it won’t be long before most of the new concepts in Android TweetDeck make it to the desktop and web – we’re also working on this now.

Speaking of the desktop, we have a new build available which contains a workaround for a Facebook bug which caused TweetDeck to order updates incorrectly.

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