iPad : Many other alternatives to consider

Posted on August 14, 2010


Steve Jobs with the iPAD had created an unexpected successful  product, I deemed a crossover between a notebook and a PDA ( read,  iPod Touch ).  Last reported sales figures over 3 months has exceeded 3.5 million units. When the initial specs were revealed,  many including Apple fanboys had dismissed it as just an oversized iPod Touch. I was also deliberating on whether to buy or not to buy it. If this product had been released by Microsoft or Dell or Asus etc , it’d be a massive failure.

The success of the iPad had caught many by surprise;  it was a revolutionary lifestyle  product Apple had created , one  which you did not know you ever need it before. It was analogous to the euphoria created when Sony released the Walkman. The iPad is now something that one WANTS not needed.  The money spent on it could buy  a high specs Windows notebook or 2 netbooks.  The sales of the iPad as on Jun was US$2.2 billion , which took up 14 % of Apple’s sales. Brian Marshall, an analyst with Gleacher & Company, said the iPad sales was  “Phenomenal” and “That was out of nowhere,”.

So it was not surprising  that other manufacturers will be releasing their  “iPad equivalent” or tablets as an alternative. Harry McCracken of Technologizer.com had issued a very good summary of 32 tablets as alternatives.  Most of it are based on Android, which I feel will be a better option than the aging Microsoft Windows versions. This is a must read if you are contemplating a non-iPAD :  http://technologizer.com/2010/08/12/ipad-alternatives/

Do not be surprise, these list of products would be outdated within the next few months. However it does give us a better idea of the other ” dark” side available to you.