Awesome Drop : Transfer file from Browser to Android phone

Posted on August 17, 2010


You can now transfer any file from your browser to the Android phone using a FREE app called Awesome Drop. It is fast and convenient . NO need to go through hassle of pairing with bluetooth or taking card out from phone and  copying it over

No account is required. To transfer file :

– On Browser go to You will see a 4 digit PIN displayed
–  Open app on phone – key in the 4 digit PIN
–  Then just select the file you need and just drag it into the browser box labelled  ” Drop files here”. The file will be automatically copied over to your Android phone. The file is stored in the DROP folder in the SD card.

WiFi needs to be on on both computer and phone for transfer to be done

Awesome Drop uses HTML5 features of web browsers like FireFox 3.6, Chrome 5 & Safari 5 to copy files to your device and supports music, photos and document files.

Link :