Who is Dr Peter Vanezis and his actual relationship with Malaysian government ?

Posted on August 18, 2010


At today court hearing, Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip  maintained that political aide Teoh Beng Hock did not commit suicide. She said she concluded this based on the second autopsy on Teoh Beng Hock’s remains. She explained further her reasoning and on few occasions pointed out that  British forensic expert Prof Dr Peter Vanezis’s analysis was incorrect. You can read the live report here at MalaysiaKini : http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/140372.

Dr Pornthip is engaged by the Selangor government as an independent pathologist while Dr Peter Vanezis was engaged by MACC. Under unreasonable and I’d say stupid questioning from MACC’s Abdul Razak Musa, she calmly said ” I am here to defend the rights of the dead. Not for the Selangor government or anyone.”  As for  Dr Peter Vanezis, it is only natural that he will testify to show there was a possible suicide which MACC wants to prove. These two supposedly independent pathologists are actually not independent as both are being used by the two different parties to pursue their cause. What is interesting is Dr Peter Vanezis background and his relationship with the Malaysian government. The article below throws more doubts into Dr Peter credibility representing MACC – just read it with an open mind


The True Dr. Vanezis
The pathologist in the Teoh Beng Hock case.

Vanezis was Regius Professor in Forensics at Glasgow U between 1994 and 2000
something. And Glasgow is the preferred choice for training of both UKM and Health Ministry would-be-pathologists for various reasons then.

Glasgow was cheap although a dreary city. There was a substantial Kampong Melayu at Otago Street and around Kelvingrove park. There was a largely friendly Paki community. And for  Malaysian scholarship holders there was Vanezis. To be a recognized pathologist in Malaysia you must first pass your MRCPath and then do a substantial attachment with someone famous like Vanezis. But in true Ketuanan style, a shortcut must be found. Glasgow was one of those few places that ran an Msc Forensic Pathology course.

KKM and UKM sent their pathologists there and  they come back and get it gazetted as a specialist qualification.  As a policy maker (Jusa C and above), you can make your own rules, and get the government to recognize your qualifications. Simple huh.  So Vanezis, has a constant flow of students, dungu that they maybe. But dungus pay £9000 a year for two years for an MSc course. The money flows to Glasgow U who are happy with Vanezis and our dungu pathologist are also happy because they get to come back home to be called forensic pathologists with a fat pay and no on calls. But wait.

There is more money to be made. Dungu pathologists screw up or because they are half baked they dont know how to cover their asses or the govt’s asses. What to do? No problem. Call boss to come lahh. Sure come one. Otherwise constant supply of dungu  students will stop.

Some more paying him business/first class air ticket with fat fees. He will not only come. But will use his reputation and clean up our mess.

So there you are, Peter Vanezis, the cikgu for our dumbo, unethical, cheats who got their pathology degrees via the back door – they have nothing to worry  about. Their cikgu is here to clean up the  mess.

I am surprised the PR fellas never did their homework. Vanezis was never and will  never be an independent  pathologist like Pornthip is. The MACC should have  called in an independent pathologist from the US under whom all our pathologists didn’t train with.

Vanezis, sold himself today. His colleagues in the UK will know about this.  He is finished!