iPAD : Actual video size on screen – a quick guide

Posted on August 20, 2010


If you think you will be seeing a full screen display of videos/movies on your iPad – you are mistaken. A few friends of mine had asked me this question, why some movies are full screen and some are display only in the middle portion with blackened areas above and below. To understand this, one need to know the various types of movies format available.

The iPad screen itself is  1024 X 768 pixel ( a ratio of 4:3 ) – this is similar to the old CRT TV screens.

HDTV today aspect ratio is 16 : 9 – The screen display will be as above – below and above the green bars. The rest of the top and bottom will be black areas

Regular non-widescreen movies of aspect ratio 1.85 : 1 : Below and above the Blue bars

Most widescreen films today are 2.35 : 1 : This will be the worst – Below and above the Red bars

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