RFM 98.8 : Trio suspended – It is George Orwell 1984 scenario again !

Posted on August 20, 2010


I was shocked at the suspension of RFM CEO Wong Lai Ngo, Program Manager Tan Chia Yong and DJ Jamaluddin over their call and talk in morning show ” Hi Malaysia”. I have been following their show quite regularly and I do not find it in anyway ” threatening national security ” and ” compromising race relations “.  In fact the morning program focus on many day to day and man in the street issues, and the three deejays had been providing an excellent and lively insight. To many listeners, It was the  ” kopi-oh” , the wake-up call of each morning.

The suspension was under the instructions of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). What is of interest here to note is that  RFM is owned by MCA and many questions now arise ?

– Why were the trio suspended just based on a letter from MCMS without any investigation done yet ? Here it is a reverse case of proven guilt before innocence. Racial polemics as expounded by Utusan Malaysia, few cases of politicians loose talk and recent case of a school principal ‘s exhorts of non-Malays being passengers in the country etc etc are not taken seriously.  What do we hear about these from the government – ” We need to investigate these …let the police do their job… let the courts decide… blah, blah, blah ….”. Are the trio a danger to society ?  If not for this month’s protests against the ISA by several NGO’s , these trio could even possibly be arrested too under ISA since MCMS said they are ” threatening national security”

– Is MCA also behind these suspension ? Personally I do not find this surprising if MCA is involved , as taunts and jokes has been make before about MCA and the declining Chinese support. Short sketches being part of the morning show provides listeners a lively and humorous portrayal of issues affecting the country – I see no parties are spared, whether it is the ruling coalition or even the opposition. Even if MCA is indirectly involved or indirectly supported the trio suspension, it is a shame. Dr Chua Soi Lek – forget about all your big talk about getting the Chinese support back. If MCA is not ready to take criticisms constructively but resort to such a destructive measure to suspend these radio personnel, it is only adding fuel to the MCA’s current unstable fire’s pot.

It was only in May and June, producers of NTV7 and RTM were ” forced to resign” due to ” sensitive issues”  portrayed in their TV productions  (  in layman’s terms – unfavorable image  to the government ) .  Such draconian steps are now repeated and opening the media world again into George Orwell 1984 practices or perhaps the Queen of Hearts  directive ” OFF with their heads ”  of ” Alice in Wonderland” fame. Even the radio station Facebook page was removed yesterday due to the public outcry over the first suspension of the deejay Jamaluddin. Perhaps MCMS find Jamal’s open minded views of Muslim matters disturbing coupled with his background of his parents being a  leading Malay communist leader  in the 1950’s. Personally I find Jamal’s presence and his jovial banter in a Chinese radio program a very good refection of 1Malaysia. Maybe Jamal has become too Chinese in his thinking, so much so the government is now feeling uncomfortable , and a need to remove him was due.

A sad day indeed for the radio station. Time now for you to tune in  to crabby news reports and government controlled tune-up  ” propaganda talk show “. As for me, I will now be forced to tune in to ” Lite n Easy” just to relax my conumdrum mind.  ( hopefully it is still there ).