Apple iPhone 4 versus Samsung Galaxy S : no clear winner

Posted on August 30, 2010


I have often been asked which is a better smartphone – Apple iPhone 4 or the closest Android challenger, Samsung Galaxy S ?

When such questions are posed to me I always give the same answer – look at your NEEDS not your wants. I always maintained there is no best smartphone. The best smartphone is the one which meets most of your needs and you are comfortable with. There will always be better alternatives in terms of certain features. How I wish there is this one perfect best smartphone but in reality it does not exist.

I’d like to quote the final summary I extracted from GSM Arena comparison between the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S. I’ll recommend this link as a MUST read if you are deciding which of these two smartphones is better for your needs. The writer summarizes very well the present smartphones comparison scenario:

QUOTE: Wrap up
Well, here we are at the end of our grand battle. We tried to be as helpful as possible to everyone wondering which of the two best smartphones currently available to purchase. There’s a reason why we won’t add up the individual scores for each phone – different people have different needs and you should count only the scores on the chapters that are important to you.
And don’t take our word for granted – you are free to disagree with our reasoning. After all, every person out there uses their phones in a different way. That’s the beauty of it – the latest and greatest smartphones can do so much for you that you can even afford to not use some of the available features and still have a great experience.
There’s no ultimate smartphone out there and the right choice boils down to the compromises you are willing to make. Price is important factor too and currently the iPhone 4 is probably the most expensive smartphone on the market (contract-free). But then again, Apple gadgets are almost always the most expensive among their kind and still, they sell quite well.


This is a good comparison review between the Apple iPhone Retina Display against the Samsung Galaxy S Super Amoled display. Again , the winner depends on your preferences. Both are equally great and you’d happy with either one without comparing :

Link :