Malaysia Merdeka Day 31 Aug 2010 : 1 Malaysia Menjana Transformasi

Posted on August 30, 2010


Two more hours to go , Malaysia will celebrate her 53rd year of independence from the British  Empire. The theme of this year is ” 1 Malaysia, Menjana Transformasi ” or in English is ” 1 Malaysia, Generates Transformation “.

I decided to write this post after just watching a program on Astro National Geographic –  King of the Pitch:  SuperMokh. The TV show recounts the feats, career and untimely death of Mokhtar Dahari , one of Malaysia greatest soccer players. Mohktar Dahari then was Malaysia ‘s Pele or Maradona.  How is  this TV show related to Merdeka Day ?

It bring back memories of the great Malaysia soccer team in the 70’s and 80’s. Our PM should look at this soccer team as his guidance towards promoting his 1 Malaysia and his transformation program. The last few months had been an unpleasant for most Malaysians with the rising cases of racial issues being stirred up by politicians. The government 10th Malaysia Plan and its supporting New Economic Model is under threat. To me, PM Najib seems to be the lonely guy at the top. It is blatantly obvious that his UMNO Ministers especially his deputy is not showing him the support he needs. Whatever support he has received is all “sandiwara’, a play acted out just to please him.

Najib has been labeled a ” flip flop” Prime Minister with his decisions being challenged by even his own man, and under pressure his policies are often changed. It gives me the impression he works without approval and support. Pushing affirmative policies for the betterment of all is not welcome within his UMNO circles. Najib has yet to walk the talk. Few days ago he talk tough saying ” Zero tolerance for racism” but by today most of us rakyat had dismissed this tough talk from him – we wish to see tough action being taken on racism not just tough talk. Everyone can talk tough , including me.

Enough of digressing, let me recall to all the Malaysia soccer team of the 7o’s.  Malaysia managed to qualify for the 1972 Olympics in Munich beating  Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines . Two years later, Malaysia repeated her performance winning  the bronze medal in the 1974 Asian Games in Tehran after beating North Korea 2-1. The success of the Malaysian team Malaysia continued with qualification in the consecutive Asian Cup in 1976 and 1980.

Then the Malaysian team was indeed a 1 Malaysia team – Captained by lead striker  Mokhtar Dahari, together with defence combo of  Santokh Singh and Soh Chin Aun ,  and goalkeeper R. Arumugam ( also known as “Spiderman” ).  The team  qualified again  for the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, but then the government boycott the 1980 Olympics over her protest of  the Soviet Union  invasion of Afghanistan.  Other supporting players in the Malaysian team include Isa Bakar, Jamal Nasir,  Wong Choon Wah, Serbegeth Singh, Shukor Salleh, Zainal Abidin Hassan, James Wong,  Dollah Salleh, Lim Teong Kim and several others.

Those days the Malaysian team play for the country – they don’t get paid or entitle to any special allowances and benefits unlike present Malaysian players. Just look at the Malaysian team today – FIFA on 14 August this year ranks Malaysia  140 out of 202 countries. What is worse look at the players in the team today – do we see 1 Malaysia being represented ? Sadly NO and it would appear that only Malays are playing soccer these days for the country. Our PM Najib should tell our Sports Minister to build up again a strong Malaysian team, reflecting 1 Malaysia as in the 70’s/80’s. It is a pride and value money can never buy. Make it a national project. I am sure there will be  many willing sponsors for this project.

To end, I post below a blogger comment johngomez about the state of Malaysian soccer today:

The characteristics of the Malaysian football team back than;

1. Multiracial

2. Could speak English well

3. Played to bring honour to the country

4. Intelligent

5. Shared a camaredie of spirit and unified

6. Had substance

7. Ranked high and could beat South Korea and draw with England.

Malaysian football team today;

1. One race only or predominantly

2. Cannot speak English but is able to speak a little bit of Manglish…..maybe.

3. Playing for themselves, money and to get the girls at the end of the day.

4. Not rightfully intelligent

5. Share a camaraderie of spirit and unity within a race

6. No substance or maybe a little (i could be wrong)

7. Cant beat any team and ranked number 200 out of 201 countries.

Today, we are a laughing stock of the football world. We have regressed to the extent that clubs in Thailand are able to beat our national football team.

No Malaysian in their right mind knows the name of the Malaysian players today.

To all fellow Malaysians , HAPPY MERDEKA DAY and enjoy tomorrow with your family and friends