APPLE files patent to disable jailbreak iDevices

Posted on September 1, 2010


You just bought a brand new iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad. You decide to jailbreak it as by so doing will open your gadget to more apps and features which is not approved by Apple.  HOLD it right there – big brother Steve Jobs is not happy with those Jailbreakers tampering with his precious gadgets. Apple had filed a patent that will allow Apple to identify and disable hardware that has been hacked, jailbroken  which the company has never intended. This effectively makes your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch the property of Apple NOT you.

Steve Jobs couldn’t be bother about the  recent DMCA ruling by the Library of Congress that Jailbreaking is legal. Steve Jobs is very pissed off and he wants to make the owners of jailbreak devices to pay for their folly.

Does Steve Job has the right to do this ? We have pay for the devices at full price. The device legally belong to us.  YES, Steve Jobs is now not only our Big Brother but is also our Father telling us : ” Be a good boy, follow rules, don’t play with unapproved methods from Apple, after all  ” IT is FOR YOUR OWN GOOD ” !!!!

OMG ! What will the hegemonic Apple Steve Job think of next ??

So guys, if you are not able to accept the out of the box product from Apple, look elsewhere – plenty of choices out there, the closest alternative is ANDROID.

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