Apple : 1 Sept Event Summary

Posted on September 2, 2010


This is a summary of the Apple 1 Sep event held at San Francisoo’s Yerba Center for Arts. As usual, the maestro for the event was Steve Jobs appearing in his signature black turtleneck and faded jeans.  Highlights were new stores, sales figures, iOS 4.1 , sneek peek iOS 4.2 for iPads, iTunes 10,  a new range of iPods and Apple TV. The live broadcast streaming through Streamyx was good and smooth  with no jerky videos. Audio and video were excellent – it was a pleasant surprise to me.

– New retail  stores – Paris, Shanghai and Covent Garden, London. Apple now has 300 retail stores in 10 countries. Some days over 1 million people visit these stores. 80,000 one to one classes conducted a week. Over half of Mac buyers are new users.

– To date Apple has shipped 120 million iDevices. Activation figures exclude updates  are 230,000 iOS devices per day, way ahead other platforms. Over 6.5 billion apps are downloaded, average 200 apps per second. There are now 250,000 apps and 25000 of these are for iPad.

– iOS 4.1 announced today.  It will be available next week for iPhone and iPod Touch – a Free download. .A  lot of bugs is fixed :  proximity sensor , Bluetooth,  compatibility with iPhone 3G.  Introduction of  high dynamic range photos, HD uploads over WiFi, TV rentals. No mention of antenna issue.

– Explain what is High Dynamic Range photos. When you take an image, it actually takes three separate photos, one with highlights, shadows, and midranges… and it combines them together to make HDR photos. Photos now look much better  on the background colours and shades

Demo new Game Center : Game Center is all about multiplayer games. You can challenge your friends or they can challenge you, and if you don’t have any friends we’ll match you with someone. Mike Capps , President of Epic Games demo new game Project Sword using Game Center – dazzling 3D graphics and animation

Sneal Peek iOS 4.2  for iPad : DEMO of Wireless Printing and Air Play –  able to stream video and audio over WiFi to your devices. A Free update available in November.

New iPods : So far 275 million units iPods sold. New iPod Shuffle with both clickable “ring” buttons and Apple’s innovative VoiceOver technology, enabling users to easily navigate their music and playlists without ever looking at their iPod shuffle. The new wearable iPod shuffle has an all-aluminum enclosure with a built-in clip and comes in five brilliant colors—silver, blue, green, orange and pink. With nearly 50 percent more battery life, the new iPod shuffle features over 15 hours of music playback on a single battery charge* and offers 2GB of storage for just $49.
The new iPod shuffle now supports Genius Mixes, the popular iTunes® feature that automatically creates mixes from songs in a user’s music library that go great together.

New iPod Nano : featuring Apple’s Multi-Touch interface that lets users navigate their music collection by simply tapping or swiping a finger on the display. Nearly half the size and weight of the previous generation, the new iPod nano features a polished aluminum and glass enclosure with a built-in clip, making it instantly wearable. The new iPod nano features Genius Mixes, the ability to create and edit playlists, a built-in FM radio with live pause and up to 24 hours of music playback on a single battery charge.  It’s 46% smaller and 42% lighter. It’s got a clip so no more armbands. Hard volume buttons.  It works in 29 different languages. And 24 hours battery life.
iPod nano also features Shake® to Shuffle™, giving music lovers the ability to shake their iPod nano to shuffle to a new song in their music library. With its built-in FM radio, iPod nano lets you listen to your favorite radio stations, and live pause lets you pause and resume playing your favorite FM radio shows without missing a beat. It  will be available next week for a suggested price of $149 (US) for the 8GB model and $179 (US) for the 16GB model.

New iPod Touch :  with Apple’s stunning Retina display, FaceTime video calling, HD video recording, Apple’s A4 chip, 3-axis gyro, iOS 4.1 and Game Center—all combined in the thinnest and lightest iPod touch ever. The new iPod touch features up to 40 hours of music playback and seven hours of video playback on a single battery charge.
With the new front-facing camera and mic, iPod touch users can make FaceTime video calls over Wi-Fi.
The rear-facing camera on iPod touch is perfect for HD video recording. Users can easily capture HD video wherever they are and share it via email, MobileMe and YouTube. With the iMovie app, users can combine movie clips, add dynamic transitions and themes and include photos and music right on their iPod touch.
The new iPod touch will be available next week for a suggested price of $229 (US) for the 8GB model, $299 (US) for the 32GB model and $399 (US) for the 64GB model . Existing second and third generation iPod touch users can update to iOS 4.1 free of charge on September 8 to enjoy new features including Game Center.

iTunes 10 with a new  logo : It now comes with Ping, a new music-oriented social network for following your favorite artists and friends to discover what music they’re talking about, listening to and downloading.  iTunes Ping lets you post your thoughts and opinions, your favorite albums and songs, the music you’ve downloaded from iTunes, plus view concert listings and tell your friends which concerts you plan to attend. iTunes 10 also features HD TV show rentals for just 99 cents an episode and AirPlay wireless music playback.
iTunes 10 also features AirPlay wireless music playback to listen to your music on remote speakers using Apple’s AirPort Express base station.

New Apple TV : 1/4 the size of the previous model. It  offers the simplest way to watch your favorite HD movies and TV shows on your HD TV for the breakthrough price of just $99. Apple TV users can choose from the largest online selection of HD movies to rent, including first run movies for just $4.99, and the largest online selection of HD TV show episodes to rent* from ABC, ABC Family, Fox, Disney Channel and BBC America for just 99 cents.
Apple TV also streams content from Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe, as well as music, photos and videos from PCs and Macs to your HD TV.

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