New Toyota Corolla Altis launching 23 Sep

Posted on September 2, 2010


The mid-life facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis will be launched this 23 Sep. Following the trend of the new Camry, the new Altis sports an “X like” design on the front fascia for a wider and more aggressive look. Changes at the back include new lamps and a longer chrome strip above the number plate.

There will be three engine variants to choose from – 1.6 litre, 1.8 litre, and 2.0 litre. For the 1.8 litre version, there are two grades, the E grade and the G grade, whilst the 1.6
and the 2.0 are available in one grade only. All three engines in the variants come with Dual-VVTi as standard.
For the 2.0 litre and 1.8 litre versions, the currently standard 4-speed automatic transmission has been discarded, and in its place is a 7-speed CVT, which Toyota proudly proclaims as a ‘Super CVT-i, the ‘i’ standing for intelligence. The 2.0 litre model comes with a set of paddle shifters mounted behind the steering wheel. The 1.6 version retains the 4-speed automatic transmission.
The 2.0 litre version and one of the higher spec 1.8 versions are equipped with VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) and TRC (Traction Control). All models are fitted with ABS, BA and EBD, plus dual airbags.

Look out for the launch – in the meantime, booking prices are RM105,990 for 1.6 Auto, RM112,990 for 1.8 E grade, RM122, 990 for 1.8 G grade, and RM131,990 for 2.0V, (Price on-the-road with insurance)

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