Ferrari 458 Hot Fire cases

Posted on September 3, 2010


Imagine spending RM 2 million on the latest Ferrari 458 , you take it out on  high speed joy ride getting your adrenalin high up to the point of ecstasy and suddenly ….. BOOMP !!! your prized car goes up in flames . All because of a defect due to the  glue used to secure the wheel arch lining to the car’s chassis. This adhesive has been overheating as it’s too near to the exhaust system. There’s a risk of it catching fire when the 458 has been driven for a sustained period of time at high speed. A Ferrari spokesman said that all 458 Italias built since the end of the July 2010 had been modified at the factory to resolve the issue. It has been reported that five Ferrari 458of the cars have burst into flames since leaving the company’s Maranello factory. Incidents have also been reported in California, Paris, China and Switzerland. This has led the world’s most famous supercar maker to recall the model

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