MUHYIDDIN Yasin – a typical fork-tongue Minister

Posted on September 3, 2010


On Sep 2, DPM Muhyiddin  comments on NameWee Youtube clearly shows his double standards in handling racial issues in the country. It is consistent with his approach that there is one set of conduct for the Malays and another set of for the non- Malays. This is what he said :

“Even though previously there are certain parties who have accused the
government of not being firm against racism but we have studied this matter
(Namewee) because what is important is that we do not want any racial
tension between the different communities which could have an adverse effect
on the country.
“That is why if there is someone who wants to voice their opinion in a
democratic country, they are bound by laws especially the Sedition Act. That
is why the government has decided that we must be more firm, regardless of
race, against actions and statements that can escalate racial tension. We
want to avoid this,” he told a press conference at Perdana Putra here.

Dear Minister, to be fair you should also setup  a TASK FORCE to investigate NameWee’s  YouTube . You have now pronounced Namewee guilty before charged. I will also agree with you that Namewee is guilty and should be punished . But you did not used the same approach towards the Kulai’s  school principal who also openly make racialist comments in front of audience of school children and teachers ? Instead you took up to about 3 days later to say a task force will be setup to investigate ??

You said : “We have transferred the case to PSD and we hope they will make a decision
immediately. That is why it was transferred last week and the PSD director
has been asked to make a decision as soon as possible,”

Let me express my opinion why you take this approach for the Kulai’s principal. You are a highly educated man cum wise politician ( with additional load as DPM ) and your decision in any matters affect greatly on your political’s growth and survival.

In this case , we have a Malay principal speaking out against the Chinese and Indians, a very sensitive issue and if uncontrolled could explode further. You fear that openly condemning her would raise anger among the Malays , not condemning her would raise cries of insincerity and unfairness  from the non-Malays and the opposition.  You thought that the Education Director could settle it but to your shock, he immediately openly dismissed it as a miscommunication and regarded it a not serious issue. At the same day, your Deputy Minister Wee KS said the matter is serious and will leave it to the police to investigate and that the Director General of Education will make a decision thereafter. So, you are now caught in the middle ?? But you are a wise man , you decide and form  a TASK FORCE to investigate. The TASK FORCE will recommend a final decision. Whatever the decision is, good or bad you will say it is the task force recommendation. Smart man indeed – you now again come away clean from this fiasco.

As for Namewee, you regard him as just a nobody, a senseless and mindless blogger and a non-politician . Taking drastic action against him will raise your ratings with the Malays and  UMNO and is just an opportunity too good not to be miss.

What else do I expect from you ?  After all you are still first a politician, second a Malay and 3rd a Malaysian .