Selling land and literally shipping it out to China to earn $$

Posted on September 4, 2010


The photo you see above is Pilbara , a remote place about 2 hours flight from Perth, Australia. Every day 1 million tons of the earth is dug and shipped to China by 325 yard long bulk carriers. Here representatives of China’s big boys Chinalco, CITIC, Sinosteel, Ansteel and China Mettalurgical Group together with other local mining companies oversees the removal of the iron ore. It is estimated the red earth contains 24 billion tons of iron ore , so I estimate this whole place will be emptied out within 75 years. I find it puzzling why such a rich mineral resource area is not being developed by the Australian themselves.

Read the full 5 page report here –  The Deal is Simple. Australia Gets the Money, China Gets Australia:

After reading this article, I was thinking whether any of such business deals are similarly being conducted in Malaysia. My only immediate recall from my aging grey brain  cells  is the daily sale of unprocessed water to Singapore at the ridiculous price of RM 3 cents per 1000 gallons. I still find our Malaysian government since 1961 has been ” stupid and ignorant ” to be exploited by Singapore. Just for comparison, China sells at US$ 8 per 1000 gallons to Hong Kong versus our RM3 cents per 1000 gallons. So much for being a good, friendly and generous neighbor with Singapore. I will possibly research this subject further and post my findings behind this absurd and unthinkable water deal between Malaysia and Singapore.

Lest not forget, water is now a scarce natural resource and is time out government wake up from their slumber and do somethong right and fair for us, Malaysians. What can I say now is just,  MALAYSIA apa pun BOLEH !