Singaporean – Kiasu Parents ?

Posted on September 8, 2010


There is always this long-standing saying and had often been made butt of a joke that Singaporeans are ” KIASU” and ” KIASI” ( translated ” Scared to lose” and “Scared to die  ” ). I have many friends and relatives who are Permanent Residents in Singapore. I meant no offense to them in my opening statement, just quoting a commonly known ” fact”. This perception arose mainly due to the higher demands, higher pressure  and needs of the Singapore guy to compete against one another in the small and over densely  populated country. This is a society where money and money related matters talks. This is the country who develop the concept of the 6 C’s to judge one’s level of success in society : Cash, Condominium, Cars, Credit Cards, Capital and Country Club membership. This is a country where the law of the jungle applies without exception – survival of the fittest.

So it was not a surprise to me when I came across this website :

I came across this based on a news report in the local Malaysian Chinese newspaper article that quoted an example the extremes a Singaporean parent will consider when enrolling their child in kindergarten. What is the special consideration that ignited my amusement and puzzlement ? It is TOILET PAPER quality ! What – are you kidding  ?

Yes !  – parents will only consider kindergarten which supply smooth toilet paper over those that use rough recycled paper . This shows the kindergarten has quality and good sense of standards which is crucial to their child early years of education. Or is it to protect and preserve the sanctity of the young child’s butt ?

This website has articles and forum where members has signed up unashamedly to review, discuss , debate and analyze all issues  from babies to teens upbringing, education, social obligations, parenting, etc. You will be amazed at the issues discussed, some that you will not even think of. The crux of all these is just to be the best and if not, at least to keep up with the Jones’s.  If you have the time, saunter over and be convinced by not signing up as a member , it will be your greatest folly and doing a big injustice to your children.

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