Google Maps ( Android ) now updated ver 4.5 with Walking directions

Posted on September 10, 2010


Google Maps for Android just got updated today  to version 4.5  and new with it  is  Walking Directions

This is very handy when you want to get from one point to another by walking. Cars have to follow roads and obey one-way signs, whereas, someone walking can cut through an alley, walk “the wrong way” down a one-way street, and go places that a car can’t.

And second, with this version you can now filter your search results by distance or ratings. Note that this isn’t sorting by either of these two parameters, but literally filtering your results.
For you Froyo users out there, Google Maps 4.5.0 is a manual update, it won’t be pushed down to you automatically if you’d previously selected the “Allow automatic updating” option. All in all, it’s a welcome upgrade.

Google Maps 4.5.0 is free and is currently available in the Android Market.

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