IGP Musa contract termination – Raja Petra’s analysis

Posted on September 10, 2010


Read this with a Coca-Cola , add in a pinch of salt for added flavor and a possible stimulant. Raja Petra , now exiled and residing  in London has offered his opinion and analysis of IGP Musa Hassan contract’s termination. This guy has a flair for telling stories;  how far true it is we will never know,  but it does provide added fodder for the daily ” kopi-oh, teh tarik  warong talk and gossip”. Recently his latest tirade about PM Najib’s  golf buddy,  Tan Kay Hock asking a China’s  construction company for RM500 million , of which RM200 million is supposedly  for Najib’s family had created some ripples on the web. You can read this article at http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/34319-how-playing-golf-with-the-prime-minister-can-earn-you-billions .


It started back in 2007. Musa Hassan, the IGP, was due to retire that year. To make sure that he could stay on, he got rid of the competition in the form of the CCID Director, Ramli Yusuff.

Malaysia Today then published Statutory Declarations signed by half a dozen police officers, the IGP’s own ADC, and two underworld figures. Story after story was generated about the IGP’s links with the underworld. In fact, reportedMalaysia Today, the IGP not only has links with the underworld he is the Godfather of the prostitution, gambling, drugs and loan shark syndicate.

Instead of taking action against the IGP, the whistleblowers were persecuted. Most were cited for breach of discipline and were dragged before the disciplinary board for beheading. Some were arrested and detained in the lockup.

The brutal retaliation against police officers whom exposed corruption in the police force sent shivers down every officer’s spine. In one case in Kuantan, the wife and children of a police officer were kidnapped by the MACC. They then made a phone call to the police officer concerned and told him that if he wanted to secure his family’s release then he must make a statement cancelling his earlier statement.

Both the police officer and the wife made police reports about this kidnapping. You can guess what happened after that. Yes, that’s right, NFA.

This appears to be the SOP of Malaysia’s uniformed agencies. Is it any surprise that P.I. Balasubramanian was also subjected to the same?

Musa Hassan could afford to run around like Wyatt Earp in Dodge City because he held both the previous Prime Minister as well as the current Prime Minister by the short and curly.

The previous Prime Minister had instructed Malaysia’s national airline company, MAS, to give the lucrative catering business to his own family. And the stupid chap gave that order in writing — not like Dr Mahathir Mohamad who will only dish out verbal instructions so that no one can pin anything on him. And then there were the Oil-for-Food and nuclear centrifuge export to Libya issues as well. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was in real deep shit and only Musa can save his sorry arse.

As for the current Prime Minister, according to the Honorary Mongolian Consul to Malaysia, Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi, the IGP had in his possession the photograph of Najib Tun Razak together with Razak Baginda and Altantuya Shaariibuu taken at her birthday party in Singapore. Altantuya’s cousin, Amy, in fact, confirmed this in her testimony during the murder trial.

Musa had served his purpose and had outlived his usefulness. In 1998 he was in charge of fabricating evidence against Anwar Ibrahim. In 2008 he did the same thing in what is now known as Sodomy II, a déjà vu of sorts. He also covered the backsides of three Prime Ministers — Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and Najib Tun Razak.

However, there is just so much he can get away with in spite of all this loyal and extracurricular service. When he begins to fail to deliver then it is time he be put out to pasture.

His first failure was failing to deliver Raja Petra Kamarudin. In mid-2009, he confidentially announced that Raja Petra will be back behind bars by or before October 2009.

That was more than a year ago. Till today Raja Petra is still free and is mocking the Malaysian government.

Strike One!

Next he framed the ex-CCID Director, Ramli Yusuff. It was so badly handled that he personally had to take the witness stand in Kota Kinabalu to testify against Ramli. The judge, however, said that Musa was lying to his teeth (although in a more diplomatic manner) and Ramli was acquitted without his defence being called — not once, but three times.

This has greatly embarrassed the government and not only does it add weight to the allegation that Ramli was set up — and by the top cop on top of that — but it also confirms that this is the modus operandi of the Malaysian government. Now, when Anwar Ibrahim and Raja Petra Kamarudin scream that they have been set up, not a single soul would have any doubt.

Strike Two!

But the last one is the mother of all screw-ups. Actually, it’s a double screw-up.

With his tail between his legs he went to see the Prime Minister to confess to these two major screw-ups. This first screw-up was the matter of the so-called sperm in Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s anus. What the IPG had originally told the PM was that, according to the DNA test, the sperm in Saiful’s anus is Anwar’s. However, now, after further tests, it appears like it is Saiful’s own sperm.

How the hell did Saiful get his own sperm up his anus? That was what the PM screamed at the IGP. The IGP just shrugged his shoulders and was at a loss for words.

And just when Najib thought that that was the worst news yet, the IGP dropped another bombshell. And this last bombshell is that the so-called suicide note that Teoh Beng Hock wrote was actually written by the investigating officer (I.O.).

That was it. That was the last straw. There was no way Najib could tolerate all this any longer. First you say that Raja Petra Kamarudin is untouchable and immune from prosecution or extradition. Then the judge in Sabah calls you a bare-face liar. Now you tell me that Saiful somehow got his own sperm up his arse and that the so-called ‘suicide note’ was not written by Teoh Beng Hock but by the I.O.

Strike Three!

And as they say, three strikes and you’re out. So out goes Musa Hassan and in comes his replacement. Well, let me warn this new IGP that we are watching him like a hawk. And if he screws up like Musa did then we are going for his arse. But then, no one can ever screw up the way Musa did, not in a thousand years. Musa is one-in-a-million.

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