Malaysia 4 Change : A must watch video for ALL Malaysians

Posted on September 14, 2010


Whether you are a politician ( Barisan or Opposition or Independent ), a working man, university student or  housewife, the video below is a MUST SEE . You do not have to believe or accept everything that is detailed in the video. After watching it, just ask yourself whether Najib 1Malaysia and the New Economic Model will be the solution to Malaysia’s woes ? What will the future be for your children in the next 10 to 15 years ? You might not need to ask this question if you are at the top of the pyramid ( which is only less than 1 % ) of the country’s wealthy ones  and well connected politically.

I am not a politician and not even a member of any political party. I cast my vote to those who I think can serve the rakyat better. He could be in the ruling coalition or the opposition. I abstain if I have no confidence in all the candidates offered.

Exercise your right – if you haven’t registered yet as a voter, DO IT TODAY ! More information at my blog link below